Modern Art for Modern Interiors

Collage image for the modern interior

The pictures are built from a "palette" of coloured paper. These are sourced from magazines, old books, pamphlets and brochures. The papers are plain, patterned or suggestive of texture. Colours are laid down in layers, overlaid, sometimes torn off and overlaid again. The forms of colour are either torn or cut and work together to build a cohesive image, despite having their separately defined shapes.

In the cutting or tearing of shapes, I am very conscious of shaping the "brushstrokes". Through use of this palette, I attempt to create a sense of light, depth and atmosphere. Unlike painting, where you are able to create the colour you wish, in this way of working in collage I am limited to searching very deliberately for the colour I have in mind - a limitation that can produce some surprising results, contributing to the feeling of adventure whilst creating the image.

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Collage Landscape art for the modern interior


Figure collage art for sale


Interiors collage art for sale

Still Life

Modern Still Life Collage

Modern Collage

 Still Life, Landscape, Interiors, Figure art for the modern home